Splitting Image Taxidermy

Collection & Shipping

Export or Import of hunted trophies has never been more organised. Our logistical team of freight forwarders and clearing agents have been successfully managing trophy exports for the past 30 years. In conjunction with our preferred service providers, we have simplified the process to ensure that our valued customers receive expert service and clear communication throughout.

Global Brand

Get your trophies to Splitting Image Taxidermy in 5 simple steps


Select the studio you wish to utilise

Contact Splitting Image Taxidermy for your free Taxidermy Information Pack, and select the studio you wish to utilise.


Introduce us to your outfitter

Copy us on a mail to your Outfitter introducing Splitting Image Taxidermy as your preferred Taxidermy management company.


Enjoy your hunt

Head out and enjoy your hunt! Remember to tag your trophies well.


Collection/import/export of your trophies

Contact us as soon as you have completed your hunt so that we can assist with the collection/import/export of your trophies.


Plan your full taxidermy experience

Once your trophies have been collected/received, our team will be in contact to plan your full taxidermy experience.


Taxidermy for Trophies hunted Internationally

  • Once you have selected the Taxidermy studio you wish to utilise, you will be allocated a service operator who will coordinate your Taxidermy experience from start to finish. 
  • Our team will manage the preparation/import/export of your consignment to your selected Taxidermy studio and ensure that you are communicated with throughout the process.