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Our experienced and gifted team of artists will ensure that your trophies are crafted in a way that honours your invaluable hunting memories. Focused attention to detail begins in the sculpting of the form and carries throughout the process until final touches are made in quality control.

From European (shield) mounts to full (life-size) mounts, the quality of our work is consistent throughout. If you are unsure about how to mount your animals, our service team will walk you through various options and suggestions. Should you have something unique in mind, our team would love to create a custom piece for you. 

Our Factory
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Tanning is the chemical process of turning a raw skin which is susceptible to bacterial degradation into a stable, durable product that will not degrade over time. At our tannery, we offer tanning with hair on e.g. flatskins for rugs as well as tanning to leather of any colour, which can be used to create leather products. 

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Services 6

African lifestyleRetail Products

We understand that hunting in Africa represents a lifestyle. Its a way of life that can be expressed and celebrated in so many ways. For this reason, we manufacture a wide variety of retail products that can be created using your trophies or otherwise supplied from our stock. Please visit our website or get in touch to find out more.

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A Unique ServiceBone Doctor

The Bone Doctor is a unique service offered by Splitting Image Taxidermy where we apply our precision craftsmanship to create an anatomically correct skeletal reconstruction for your trophy room or museum display. Look through our library for some beautiful creations or get in touch to discuss your custom piece.

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First Buck Club

Get in on the fun

You’ve spent long hours in the bush, tracking your quarry, and after a skipped heartbeat you made the shot and landed your first trophy! Truly a moment to remember. At Splitting Image Taxidermy, we offer young hunters the opportunity to have their first hunting memory captured FOR FREE!

Am I eligible?

  • I am under the age of 16
  • This is my first animal I have ever hunted
  • I have a photo of my trophy with me next to it
  • I am a South African citizen

Ts & Cs Apply:

  • First Buck Club is for minors under the age of 16, who have hunted their first animal. A photograph of the minor with their hunted animal is required in order to qualify.
  • The minor qualifies for either a Shoulder Mount (Left, Right or Straight) or Shield Mount, free of charge. No First Buck Club Member qualifies for custom mounts.
  • We do ask that the minor collects his/her mount in person, if from the Port Elizabeth area, as we require pictures of the handover of the mount with the minor.
  • For South African residents.

*From date of down payment and confirmed instructions


Processing later?Dip & Tan

Do you want to save time and money while waiting for your Dip & Pack order? Dip & Tan is a great option to consider. Skulls are cleaned & bleached and capes are dip & packed to export standard, while your backskins and flatskins are commercially tanned with hair-on or to leather. Tanning in South Africa is affordable and is a great way to save money and get ahead while waiting for your Dip & Pack.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced weight of export
  • Timesaving once received by your taxidermist
  • Cost-saving on final taxidermy bill
  • Security in knowing backskins and flatskins are tanned before export to prevent any potential damage
Skin Dip%20and%20pack

Processing later?Dip & Pack

Should you wish to have your taxidermy processed at home or at a later stage – we offer a Dip & Pack service. Once raw trophies are received at our facility, they need to be cleaned, prepared, and dried. Dip & Pack is the sterilising process necessary to export any raw animal part across international borders. It is the removal of all flesh and tissue from skulls, horns and bones, and the drying and bleaching of skulls and bones. Skins are dried, cleaned, and treated with anti-bacterial powders to ensure that your trophy animal arrives in a dry, and pest free condition. Our Dip & Pack facility is a veterinary approved facility.

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Img 9077 2

Hunt completed?Collection

Once your hunting safari is complete, our Skull Squad will arrange for the collection of your trophies from your hunting outfitter. We offer countrywide trophy collection management and will ensure that your trophies are received safely and in good condition. Once your trophies and paperwork have been received by our team, our service department will make contact and begin discussing your order.


A service that covers every stepTrophy Management

Even before your hunt is over, Splitting Image Taxidermy is at work, ensuring your hunting memories are well-cared for.

From trophy tags to crating for export, Splitting Image Taxidermy provides a truly holistic trophy management service.

Our experienced team provides consistent communication so that you are kept informed every step of the process and our outfitter relationships enable us to fully understand your needs.


Simple, affordable and efficient


We believe that shipping should be simple, affordable and efficient. During your taxidermy process, Splitting Image Taxidermy will apply for export permits on your behalf. We will inform you of any special permit requirements e.g. CITES and do whatever we can to assist you where import permits are required.

Servicing clients globallyA trophy worth remembering starts here

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