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For the first time there is one Taxidermy organisation that offers quality craftsmanship and streamlined precision service. Globally.


As avid hunters and conservationists, we truly appreciate the value of each client and their special trophies. After the anticipation of the hunt that has built up over months and years for our clients, it is a privilege to participate in your adventure by capturing the details in each taxidermy mount that will be admired and reflected upon for years to come. Splitting Image Taxidermy is the global solution for your Taxidermy requirements.

South Africa

South Africa

Splitting Image Taxidermy offers hunters a turnkey solution to their Taxidermy and export requirements.

Having exported over 35000 trophy animals in the past 15 years, our Taxidermists and service team are seasoned professionals and understand the needs of the international hunter.

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Price List

The key to a stress-free and successful Taxidermy experience is having clear details at your finger tips. Splitting Image Taxidermy will customise your full Taxidermy experience and present it in one neat proposal.
Keep it simple. Fill in your details and within minutes you will receive your personal proposal with price list.

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North America

North America

Splitting Image Taxidermy has service agreements in place with select Taxidermists throughout North America.  These working agreements ensure that our clients receive the best quality artistry available for their valued trophies, with the same high standards of service that Splitting Image Taxidermy has delivered in South Africa for the past decade.

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Why Choose Us?

As avid hunters, we stand firmly behind sustainable utilisation of our wildlife resources. By continuously striving for higher standards of service and wildlife artistry, Splitting Image Taxidermy not only creates beautiful Taxidermy, but more importantly, we preserve the valued memories of each and every hunter who has contributed to the hunting industry. Splitting Image Taxidermy has simplified the Taxidermy experience by focusing on a client centered experience that offers our clients custom Taxidermy and unique, creative designs.

Global Craft Warranty

Global Craft Warranty

As the first global taxidermy management company, we are able to offer our clients a Global Warranty policy that ensures that your Taxidermy craftsmanship is guaranteed. 

No Empty Promises

No Empty Promises

Every project undertaken by Splitting Image Taxidermy is an investment made by the hunter. It is our duty to deliver what we promise and always ensure that the expectations of our clients are managed and met. We are an art based company managed with strict business principles. No empty promises! Our ultimate goal is that the hunters taxidermy experience is as simple and trouble free as possible.

Quality Local Craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship

Having first hand experience with the subjects we work with has allowed the taxidermists at Splitting Image Taxidermy to create lifelike and anatomically accurate taxidermy for our clients from across the globe.

The team of respective artists have studied the wildlife in their natural environments in Africa, North America, and New Zealand and have created taxonomical notes on all animals in order to produce Taxidermy that you will be proud of.

Single Point Of Contact

Single Point of Contact

In an effort to simplify the hunters Taxidermy experience, no matter where you hunt in the world, Splitting Image Taxidermy logistical team will manage every step of your trophy’s raw preparation, export, import, clearance and delivery to your chosen Taxidermy studio.

With one point of contact your entire trophy management and Taxidermy experience is managed on your behalf.

Twelve Month Payment Plan

Payment Plan Options

As hunters we understand the investment placed into quality Taxidermy. In order to keep your Taxidermy experience as affordable as possible, we have introduced several payments plans to ensure your Taxidermy doesn’t leave you going hungry.

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