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Splitting Image Taxidermy

We believe that a hunter's experience should be cherished, and so we offer a service that honours those unique and special memories and equips you to tell your adventure story. Every part of your journey with us, from communication to craftsmanship is carefully considered in order to create an experience worth remembering.

Worth Remembering is about significance. It is the idea that the experience in the field has meaning and deserves to be celebrated. It's about creating something of lasting and enduring value - for our clients, our partners and our business. It is our statement of intent and our standard of measurement for everything we do - it's what we stand for and what we believe in.

At Splitting Image Taxidermy, we understand how important your adventure is to you - so we put our hearts and hands into creating something of significance, which can be celebrated for a lifetime. 

We honour not only the hunter but the hunted, with a deep appreciation and understanding of wildlife - evident in our work. We don't just tick the boxes - our actions and efforts add value to our relationships and partnerships. We offer bespoke craftsmanship to capture your trophy and your experience just the way you remember it. 

We are for the journey taken, the hunt completed, the friendships grown, and the meaningful experience gained. 

Splitting Image Taxidermy, Worth Remembering.

Our ValuesThree T's

There are three T’s in the name Splitting Image Taxidermy. These three T’s represent three sound principles on which we base all our efforts.


We are always thoughtful of one another, our clients and the work that is needed to meet our clients’ expectations. We are thoughtful of who our clients are, where they have come from, their circumstances, their needs and their experience around each trophy animal.


We are always thorough in everything we do, from our administration to our artistry. Every client and their trophy are carefully considered when creating the perfect taxidermy display. We are always thorough in our craft and service.


We are always thankful to our clients for supporting Splitting Image Taxidermy. As the custodians of our valued clients’ memories, we are privileged to be able to preserve their experiences with quality bespoke craftsmanship.


The path

To beautiful Taxidermy

Growing up in Africa, our team has loved wildlife all their lives and has always carried a deep respect for every creature.

As sons and daughters of Southern Africa, we grow up in a culture where there is a passion for the outdoors and with lessons handed down by our forefathers. Life in Africa is a continued experience of cultures and diversities the continent holds. As fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters we take pleasure in giving the same gift of wildlife and all the wonders of nature to the next generation that we have received.

Douglas became a taxidermist, not because of a boyhood dream, but by an amazing turn of fortune and the discovery of an incredible gift – the ability to interpret wildlife using the craft of taxidermy. With a lifelong love of wildlife, a passion for creative thinking, and a bit of luck, Douglas was offered the opportunity to learn the foundations of quality taxidermy from several artists. Over time and with patience, he has been able to apply his skills as a taxidermist to most of the African species and a large majority of those hunted in North America, Europe and Asia.


FormidableTaxidermy Studio

In an industry guarded by secrets, the path to the present was one built on strong relationships with other taxidermists and craftsmen from across the globe. Over the years, we have honed our own skills but more importantly, passed these skills on to other amazing artists who in turn have helped build Splitting Image Taxidermy into the formidable taxidermy studio it is today.

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