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Why Splitting Image Taxidermy is Different

It’s not what we do or how we do it, it’s why we do it that makes us stand out from our competitors.

Splitting Image Taxidermy is a client centred, experienced centred animal artistry company. We take tremendous pride in taking into consideration the needs of our clients and what their expectations are to create beautiful taxidermy that will always be a reminder of their experiences in wildlife.

Splitting Image Taxidermy offers hunters a turnkey solution to their Taxidermy and export requirements.

Having exported over 35000 trophy animals in the past 15 years, our Taxidermists and service team are seasoned professionals and understand the needs of the international hunter.

Splitting Image Taxidermy has service agreements in place with select Taxidermists throughout North America. These working agreements ensure that our clients receive the best quality artistry available for their valued trophies, with the same high standards of service that Splitting Image Taxidermy has delivered in South Africa for the past decade.

"To succeed in any given industry, one should find what you are really good at, put people in place that share your commitment, and above all else, enjoy what you are truly passionate about. It is our privilege to share in every one of YOUR adventures and offer you service that will give you peace of mind that your valued trophy will be delivered with streamlined precision.

Service through streamlined precision is our commitment to you. Thank you for choosing Splitting Image Taxidermy. We take your business seriously and look forward to sharing in your amazing adventures."

We ever you are from around the world Splitting Image Taxidermy will always be grateful and thankful for the support from all our clients. Because of our incredible clients, we are able to create our dream business giving us the opportunity to give you the best products and service.