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The Lacey Act

Doug chat's about the Lacey Act, the implications of two hunter's putting both of their sets of trophies in the same crate under one hunter's name

This might sound like a good idea when you’re out on safari, and you feel like saving some bucks because it would naturally seem like it’s going to lessen your shipment load. The truth of the matter is that the volume of the shipment would actually remain the same, but more importantly, by putting your trophies under one hunter’s name, you are effectively contravening the Lacey Act .

We’ve recently received a document sent to us by the editor and president of the African Hunting Report, Mr Don Korsie. The basis of the document says that should you do this, you will be contravening a legal act, the US Fishing Wildlife will be clamping down on hunters that pull their trophies. Please appeal to your outfitter, your professional hunter and to the outfitters and professional hunters out there, please insist that each hunter has their own legal documentation and each hunter’s trophies go into their own crate at the taxidermist. This will take you out of harm's way.

The US Fishing Wildlife will be clamping down on this. Please take this seriously. If you fancy yourself in an orange coverall, please go ahead and break the law, but on a serious note, we advise strongly against pulling multiple hunters into one consignment.

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