Splitting Image Taxidermy

Taxidermy Timeline

Taxidermy Timeline

This is what you can expect from the taxidermy process with Splitting Image Taxidermy from start to finish. Our turnaround time is 8-10 months and we are with you every step of the way.


Once your safari is completed, your outfitter will contact us to confirm the collection of your trophies. Within 7-14 days of collection, someone from our team will be in touch with you to begin the process. You will be assigned a client liaison and, unique to Splitting Image Taxidermy, this will be your single point of contact throughout the taxidermy process.

Raw Preparations and Tanning

After you confirm your order, we request a 50% downpayment and your timeline begins once payment and mounting instructions are received. Raw preparation of your skins and skulls commences and is then stored in our safe storage facility until they can be mounted. When your trophies are due for mounting (around month 3), your skins will move to our tanning department first. Tanning takes 2-6 weeks, depending on the size of your skins and the volume of your order.

Mannequin pouring and Trophy mounting

During month 4, your mannequins are poured and prepared for mounting. Next, your trophies will be mounted, which takes place during month 5. The duration of mounting will depend on the type of mount you have chosen.


Once mounting is complete, your trophies need to dry during months 6 and 7. Drying time is determined by the size of your order as well as the size of your trophies. Extras such as furniture, cushions made from back skins, or any other d├ęcor items, will be completed during month 7 while your trophies are in the drying stage.


In month 8, your trophies will move into our finishing department, and again, depending on the size of your order and trophies, this may continue into month 9. 

Crating and Shipping

Once your trophies are finished, they will be packed for shipping, your crate will be sealed, and dispatched to our export agent.

Splitting Image Taxidermy is proud to provide a single point of contact throughout this taxidermy process. Please contact us with any questions or queries, or [download our pricelist] to start your taxidermy experience with us.