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Splitting Image Taxidermy Wheelchair Donation

Splitting Image Taxidermy deal with a lot of organisations internationally and one of them is the wheelchair foundation and we are so proud to be associated with this amazing charity.

The wheelchair foundation started in the year 2000, and it was basically a drive to try and mobilise those who were in need of support. By December 2000, they distributed 20 000 chairs worldwide.

Seven years later, by December 2007, the foundation was on 650 000 wheelchairs worldwide. Splitting Image Taxidermy will continue to help our where we can to help the lives of those who are less fortunate than others.

If we have hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities in need just in the Eastern Cape, how many more people worldwide are in need of our assistance. It’s not my assistance or the sponsor's assistance, it’s the assistance of people in the workplace that are willing to contribute their time, their resources and their effort to creating awareness around what persons with disabilities actually look like.

It’s one thing having a business, but as a business, what are you doing for your staff, people in your community and people in need. We all have a moral obligation when we have the resources, to help those in need. At Splitting Image Taxidermy, it is our social responsibility to our staff, their families and the community in which we operate in.

We are proud to be a part of this wonderful charity and event. We are proud to be a part of changing the lives of so many people. It is wonderful that there has been tremendous growth from last year, and more and more people are lending a helping hand.

From Splitting Image Taxidermy and more importantly the wheelchair foundation, thank you to everyone for being here, for your participation.