Splitting Image Taxidermy

See You Soon SCI, DSC & HSC

Douglas and the Team are off to the States! 

Please remember to come and visit us in January when Splitting Image Taxidermy travels to the United States of America for the various hunting shows. We look forward to seeing you in SCI in Reno, Dallas Safari Club in Dallas and the Houston Safari Club in Houston.

What makes a great taxidermist? 

A true taxidermist is a custodian of a hunter’s memories. Their vision to create beautiful presentations of such valued moments in time makes their responsibility to their clients even more valuable. Each piece of wildlife artistry carries a story of hardship and triumph. Each piece is sentimentally intertwined with the hunter’s journey and thus cannot be replaced at market value.

Splitting Image Taxidermy – true global taxidermists

Douglas Cockcroft, Managing Director of Splitting Image Taxidermy, has loved wildlife all his life and has always carried a deep respect for every creature. As a grandson, he was taken on adventures by his grandfather throughout Africa to experience the cultures and diversities the continent held. As a father, he takes pleasure in giving the same gift of wildlife and all the wonders of nature to his own children. Douglas became a taxidermist, not as a boyhood dream, but by an amazing turn of fortune and an unknown gift – the ability to interpret wildlife using the craft of taxidermy.

Throughout his early life as a professional guide and photographer, Douglas met many outdoor-enthusiasts who contributed to the insight he has gained into wildlife. Years later, he has translated that knowledge into this incredible craft as a professional taxidermist. 

With a lifelong love of wildlife, a passion for creative thinking, and a bit of luck, Douglas was offered the opportunity to learn the foundations of quality taxidermy from several artists. Over time and with patience, he has been able to apply his skills as a taxidermist to most of the African species and a large majority of those hunted in North America, Europe and Asia.

Drop us an email, visit us on our website www.splittingimagetaxidermy.co.za so that you can find out where we will be as we would love to meet you while we are in the US.