Splitting Image Taxidermy

Original Prints Available

Imagine yourself seated in this comfortable Leather Wing-back chair, reminiscing about your incredible adventure. 

At Splitting Image Taxidermy, we enjoy being a part of your memories and we enjoy doing something extra to help you relive your epic experience.

In this video, Doug illustrates two beautifully framed pictures that were created by one of our highly talented young artists here at Splitting Image Taxidermy. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas present or just an addition to your trophy room or even something to put in your study, we have an array of pictures created by our talented young artist.

We focused on the skulls as the medium of these particular drawing as illustrated in the video. All of these incredible pictures are available on order and will be delivered to you at the show in America in January. One of our team members from Splitting Image Taxidermy will be able to bring it over to you from South Africa and delivery it personally to you at the USA Show.

We are committed to service through streamlined precision. Every detail, no matter how small is done to perfection to make sure that our client gets a lifelike trophy or painting.

At Splitting Image Taxidermy, every project undertaken is client-centred to provide a personal and unique experience. We enjoy engaging with our clients and being creative to meet and exceed our client's needs.

To succeed in any given industry, one should find what you are really good at, put people in place that share your commitment, and above all else, enjoy what you are truly passionate about.

It is our privilege to share in every one of YOUR adventures and offer you service that will give you peace of mind that your valued trophy or painting will be delivered with streamlined precision.

Service through streamlined precision is our commitment to you. Thank you for choosing Splitting Image Taxidermy. We take your business seriously and look forward to sharing in your amazing adventures.