Splitting Image Taxidermy

Long Service Awards

As the first global taxidermy management company, we are able to offer our clients a Global Warranty policy that ensures that your taxidermy craftsmanship is guaranteed.

Every project undertaken by our taxidermists is an investment made by the hunter. It is our duty to deliver what we promise and always ensure that the expectations of our clients are managed and met. We are an art based company managed with strict business principles. No empty promises! Our ultimate goal is that the hunter's taxidermy experience is as simple and trouble-free as possible.

Having first-hand experience with the subjects we work with has allowed the taxidermists at Splitting Image Taxidermy to create life-like and anatomically accurate taxidermy for our clients from across the globe.

The team of respective artists have studied the wildlife in their natural environments in Africa, Europe, North America, and New Zealand and have created taxonomical notes on all animals in order to produce taxidermy that you will be proud of.

We are extremely proud of what I taxidermists have achieved over the years, there hard work and dedication to Splitting Image Taxidermy never goes un noiticed. We are thankful to each and everyone of our employees for assisting us in getting to where we are today. We cannot wait to see what is install for us in the future and we look forward to taking the Taxidermy Industry to the next level.

"To succeed in any given industry, one should find what you are really good at, put people in place that share your commitment, and above all else, enjoy what you are truly passionate about. It is our privilege to share in every one of YOUR adventures and offer you service that will give you peace of mind that your valued trophy will be delivered with streamlined precision.
Service through streamlined precision is our commitment to you.