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Is Taxidermy a Contradiction?

Is Taxidermy a Contradiction? Is there a contradiction in preserving a dead animal to remember a live one. For Doug, this was one of the most interesting questions that he’s ever been asked in 20 years in the Taxidermy Industry.

Splitting Image Taxidermy did an outreach program for Students assisting them with their thesis for various degrees in Nature Conservation and Zoology. A Student from this outreach program posed this question.

Taxidermy can be seen as a prop to relive as an experience to tell the story to someone who hasn’t been there or ever had the experience of appreciating a hunting experience. Taxidermy gives you the opportunity to show off your trophy in ways no one could ever imagine. Splitting Image Taxidermy wants our clients to look at their trophies with pride and to share their incredible memories with their friends and families.

To answer the question is Taxidermy a contradiction, the answer is no, As a taxidermist, we have a tremendous respect for wildlife, the reason we take so much pride and care in creating your trophies is because we respect the animal, respect the environment and we respect the way that they have been hunted.

Doug personally feels that as me move forward in this industry it will become more d more important that people stand up and educate people on exactly what it is Taxidermy and what hunting stands for making sure that there is a distinction between ethical hunting and non-ethical hunting also making sure there is a distinction between quality, artistry that is respectful of the specimen and people who simply do taxidermy for their own financial needs.

Service through streamlined precision is our commitment to you. Thank you for choosing Splitting Image Taxidermy. We take your business seriously and look forward to sharing in your amazing adventures."