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Hunt Verification Explained

In today’s video Doug briefly discusses Hunt Verifications. 

A Hunt Verification document is extremely important to make certain that the trophies that you hunt are exported freely and without too many headaches when returning back to their final destination.

A Hunting Verification Document is a standard national document used by all provinces in South Africa and is basically an official document which is issued by a Provincial Issuing Authority to verify that a certain hunting activity was legally conducted in that province and that all legislation regarding the hunting activity were complied with.

Normally a Taxidermist registered as a Wildlife Trader or an Export Company (handling the exportation of hunting trophies) and also registered as a Wildlife Trader; apply to the hunting province for such a verification if the hunting trophies are to be exported out of the country from a different province than the hunting province.

Such an institution need to provide a valid verification document from the hunting province when they apply to the Issuing Authority of the exporting province for an export permit in order to serve as confirmation that the trophy products were obtained legally and that they may issue an export permit to export the products to the hunting client overseas.

The export province normally except the verification or may asked the exporting province to provide additional documentation in order to be satisfied that the trophy products are legal and that they may be exported.

In order for the province that you hunt in to issue a Verification Document, They must be provided with copies of all the relevant documentation needed to verify that the hunting and transportation were conducted legally and that the trophy products may be exported legally from another province.

Splitting Image Taxidermy asks that if any outfitter has any questions regarding the hunt verification document or process, to please email us or get in touch with us on our social media channels. We can assist you with your documents so that you are able to send them off in time.

Yes, it is a lot of paperwork but if done correctly it will then ensure a clean, sustainable and ethical hunting industry. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.