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5 Myths about Taxidermy in South Africa

5 Myths about Taxidermy in South Africa

Over the years, we have been faced with many questions from clients that have come to Splitting Image Taxidermy’s studio. We have come to notice that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding taxidermy in South Africa. We would like to bust some of those myths!

Myth Nr. 5 – “Taxidermy in South Africa is not as good as in the United States or Europe”– BUSTED

This myth is simply not true. There are great artists no matter where you go in the world. There are incredible taxidermists that we aspire to be like, who we look up to. At the same time, a lot of taxidermists look at Splitting Image Taxidermy and the quality of work that we put out there, and aspire to be like us.

For the value of the money our clients spend with us, they get more than their money’s worth. If you have a taxidermist at home that is a world champion and competes on a professional level, keep in mind that their prices may well be much higher, with a turnaround time that is much slower, and very little focus on customer services, because the cornerstone of that business is the high level of artistry. You do get what you pay for, but look at the big picture and consider all the aspects when choosing your taxidermist. At Splitting Image, we aim to provide a balance between all facets of the taxidermy process. From excellent craftsmanship, to first-rate customer service, and an 8-10 month turnaround – we have the client’s interests at heart.

Myth Nr. 4 – “It takes a long time for taxidermy to get from South Africa back to my home” – BUSTED

This myth is completely busted. South Africa has, by and large, the fastest taxidermy turnaround time in the world. We have an excellent labour system, with talented and available artists, which has allowed this industry to grow into what it is today.

Splitting Image Taxidermy has its own tannery, so there are no other external orders that take precedence over taxidermy orders. We only tan for our clients, which allows us to control the timeframe for taxidermy more effectively.

Throughout the entire taxidermy process, each of our clients is communicated with through a single point of contact – one client liaison – who ensures that clients are updated regularly on the progress of their taxidermy order.

It only takes 8-10 months for Splitting Image Taxidermy to complete an order, from start to finish – that’s quick! If you compare that to any international taxidermist, you would find that once you take the Dip & Pack into consideration, the export of that Dip & Pack, and the taxidermy time thereafter, there are very few companies that can offer you a guaranteed turnaround of 8-10 months on your taxidermy order.

Myth Nr. 3 – “If there is a problem with my taxidermy order from South Africa, there’s nothing I can do!” – BUSTED

You’re ten thousand miles away, your order has just arrived, but you’re not happy. At Splitting Image Taxidermy, we understand this – we are hunters ourselves and take great pride in our personal trophies, just like you do. Taking this into consideration, Splitting Image Taxidermy has worked hard in order to bridge the gap between the United States and South Africa. We have an affiliate studio based in Houston, Texas called Taxidermy America. They are a fully operational, fully qualified, registered taxidermist who are ready to not only mount animals from all over North America, Europe, or South America, but also to back up Splitting Image Taxidermy and our global craft warranty. In the off chance that there is a problem, they step up and find the solution. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and in that time, we have had very few real complaints. When we have had problems, we have always addressed them directly and come up with a solution to ensure that our client walks away happy. Our reputation speaks for us. And to back it up, we have the catch net of our affiliate studio, Taxidermy America.

Myth Nr. 2 - “I don’t need a South African taxidermist, I’ve got a guy back home” – BUSTED

We often hear of clients who say they’ve “got a guy back home” that can give a faster turnaround or gives preferential treatment. It’s important to remember that it takes up to 4 months to Dip & Pack trophies and then export them back to your home country – “your guy” is now already 4 months behind Splitting Image Taxidermy.

We do a lot of Dip & Pack work for some great taxidermists and in those cases, we make sure that the Dip & Pack is done meticulously and professionally, so that they can get to your trophies as quickly as possible.

There are always options when it comes to choosing a taxidermist. If you have a taxidermist that you work with regularly, we want to support that relationship, but if you are undecided the option to have the work completed in South Africa by us, is a great option. We have a quick turnaround time, it’s cost effective, and the quality of our work is superb.

Myth Nr. 1 – “The shipping costs from South Africa will make it all too expensive” – BUSTED

This is the biggest myth about taxidermy in South Africa that we are faced with on almost a daily basis. This is not at all true. When comparing Dip & Pack to Taxidermy, shipping Dip & Pack is only marginally more cost effective. When you have your taxidermy completed at Splitting Image Taxidermy, you don’t pay for Dip & Pack.

So, on a consignment of ten animals, you’ve already saved approximately $2,500. You would still have to ship the Dip & Pack from South Africa back to the United States or Europe. For ten animals, that would be approximately $2,000. At the end of the day when you compare the cost of ten mounted animals being shipped or ten raw animals being shipped, the cost difference is between $100-150 per animal. Keep in mind that the cost of taxidermy in South Africa is approximately 30% more cost efficient than the United States or Europe. We’ve managed to keep our costs down, due to our strong labour force and internalizing a lot of the processes, such as tanning. This means we offer our clients affordable taxidermy, leaving them with more money to spend on their hunting experience.

Please contact us for a quote on taxidermy and an estimate on shipping so that you can look at the numbers and really consider the bottom line of your investment into taxidermy.