Splitting Image Taxidermy

1 Million Miles

Splitting Image Taxidermy has travelled 1 million miles throughout the whole country!

From humble beginnings in South Africa, Splitting Image Taxidermy has grown into an internationally recognised Taxidermy and Trophy management company, with service agreements in place with selected taxidermists in North America and Europe.

After 15 years in service to hunters from across the globe, Splitting Image Taxidermy has expanded its service field to offer our valued customers quality assured choices of Taxidermist in North America and Europe respectively.

This global structure gives hunters the choice of studio based on their origin and ensures that standards are maintained and clients are offered the cost-saving benefits of multiple points of contact within one reliable taxidermy network.

As avid hunters and conservationists, we truly appreciate the value of each client and their special trophies. After the anticipation of the hunt that has built up over months and years for our clients, it is a privilege to participate in your adventure by capturing the details in each taxidermy mount that will be admired and reflected upon for years to come.

The fact that we travel throughout South Africa to collect your valued trophies is nothing new. The fact that we travel to all the lodges around the country to visit our clients and discuss their taxidermy needs, that's nothing new either.

What is an incredible milestone is that Splitting Image Taxidermy has travelled over one million miles in collecting our clients valued trophies throughout South Africa at no charge to our client and the outfitters?

Service through streamlined precision is our commitment to you. Thank you for choosing Splitting Image Taxidermy. We take your business seriously and look forward to sharing in your amazing adventures."

Thank you for supporting Splitting Image Taxidermy over the years, we look forward to the next million miles with you our clients.