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Splitting Image Taxidermy. 

From humble beginnings in South Africa, Splitting Image Taxidermy has grown into an internationally recognised Taxidermy and Trophy management company, with service agreements in place with selected taxidermists in North America.

After 15 years in service to hunters from across the globe, Splitting Image Taxidermy has expanded its service field to offer our valued customers quality assured choices of Taxidermist in North America. This global structure gives hunters the choice of studio based on their origin and ensures that standards are maintained and clients are offered the cost saving benefits of multiple points of contact within one reliable taxidermy network.

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"To succeed in any given industry, one should find what you are really good at, put people in place that share your commitment, and above all else, enjoy what you are truly passionate about. It is our privilege to share in every one of YOUR adventures and offer you service that will give you peace of mind that your valued trophy will be delivered with streamlined precision.

Service through streamlined precision is our commitment to you. Thank you for choosing Splitting Image Taxidermy.We take your business seriously and look forward to sharing in your amazing adventures."

Douglas Cockcroft
Managing Director