Collection & Shipping

Collection of trophies by Splitting Image Taxidermy.

Splitting Image will arrange collection/ import of trophies from ANYWHERE! With our team of couriers and freight forwarders, we are able to arrange the import and collection with little stress and reasonable turn around time.

 How do I ensure that I get MY trophies back from my outfitter and the Taxidermist I choose to do my work?

The only way to ensure proper handling and transport of your sport hunted trophies is to book your hunt with a reputable outfitter, professional hunter (PH) or Safari Company. Lost trophies are only one of many pitfalls of inexperience or unscrupulous outfitters, professional hunters, safari companies and Taxidermists alike. What may seem like a bargain hunt, or a cheap deal on Taxidermy, may end up costing you everything the hunt was worth and more. 

Shipping my trophies back home once Splitting Image Taxidermy has completed processing my order.

Splitting Image Taxidermy have streamlined the export procedure of your valued trophies so that you have a trouble-free, safe, and cost-effective retrieval of your consignment.

We utilize both air freight as well as consolidated sea freight.

Air freight is faster and is less cost-effective than sea freight and in past years. Air Freight has been the preferred method of export for a large number of our clients despite the moderately more expensive price. With increased involvement from various customhouses, we are now equally confident in utilizing sea freight as a more cost effective means of export. 

Can I clear my own trophies when they arrive at the port of entry?

If you live close to one of these ports of entry, you can go there in person and clear your own trophies. Customs documentation will need to be filled out and you have to clear them by yourself with the relevant departments of Agriculture, Conservation and the Centers for Disease Control. However, most hunters either don't live close to a port of entry or do not whish to deal with the bureaucracy of clearing their own trophies. This is where a customs clearing agent is of great use.
Should you make use of one of our recommended shipping agents, they will assist you in choosing an appropriate clearing agent if you do not already have a relationship with one.

For cost estimations on your next shipment of mounted trophies from Splitting Image Taxidermy, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you with service through streamlined precision.

Crating your Taxidermy

Hunting Trophy Export