We Are Thoughtful

What is in a name?

At Splitting Image Taxidermy we are very proud to follow 3 very sound principles both internally with our staff, as well as with our clients from across the globe. These sound principles are found in the 3 "T's" of our company name Splitting Image Taxidermy.

Thoughtful - Thankful - Thorough

At Splitting Image Taxidermy we are very thoughtful of our clients and of one another. We are thoughtful of what is necessary so we can deliver the very best product to our clients in line with what they are anticipating.

We are thoughtful of every client, where they come from, who they are and what their circumstances are around the experience they have had with that one specific animal. It could be their first animal or a bucket-list animal. They could be old hunters who've waited a lifetime to hunt that one specific, beautiful animal.

Splitting Image Taxidermy always promises to be thoughtful of our clients and their needs to make sure the product we deliver is exactly what they come to expect.