SA A Cuts Big Blow To Hunting Industry

SAA Cuts Big Blow To Hunting Industry, Reduced Flights coming into Port Elizabeth lead to other options for Example using British Airways and some other airlines don't allow certain weapons on the aircraft.

There is fear that this will hinder the hunting industry.

In South Africa, the hunting industry is worth over 10 Billion Rand and as hunters, we deserve the right to hunt where ever we choose, as long as its sustainable and ethically done.

Let us look at this in a positive way and become solution orientated. Outfitters can market to there clients that they can rent rifles from them instead of worrying about this cost and hunters can plan their flights accordingly to suit there hunting schedules.

Don't allow the media to put a negative spin on this. It's important that all the hunters remain positive and become solution orientated and always stand up for being ethical hunters.